UrbanPond™ is a technological breakthrough in underground stormwater management. Its unique square tessellation assembly provides superior strength and material efficiency over traditional rectangular modules. It has high void percentages to maximize stormwater volume, and its robust precast form allows systems to be buried deeper without the need for specialized backfill, increased wall thicknesses, or extra rebar reinforcement.

BMPs Advantages

  • Lighter Weight, Easier To Install
  • Designed To Meet H-20 Loading Requirements
  • Can Be Installed Deeper Without the Need to Increase Wall Thickness or Add Additional Rebar
  • Square Tessellation Provides Superior Strength and Load Capacity
  • Higher Void Percentages & Increased Material Efficiency for Best In Class Cost Per Cubic Foot Storage
  • A Linkup Slab Allows Elimination of Some Modules, Futher Decreasing Cost and Installation Time
  • Every Module Drains Down Fully


  • Detention

    with controlled discharge utilizing built-in outlet orifice structures.

  • Retention

    for long-term retention of runoff onsite to meet strict stormwater requirements.

  • Harvesting

    self-contained treatment and reuse of stormwater for irrigation and grey water needs.

  • Capture & Infiltration

    of runoff back into underlying native soils for recharge needs.

  • Treatment

    utilized as an underground extended detention basin or pond for advanced treatment of stormwater – integrates well with treatment train components (biofiltration, separation, etc.).

  • Flood Control

    of peak storm events to minimize downstream flooding and erosion.

  • Low Impact Development

    to maximize land use with underground storage – construct an urban infill without a pond at grade.

Technical Details

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Maintenance & Installation

UrbanPond is designed to be easily accessed and maintained from finished surface via multiple access ports. Using a standard vacuum truck, each access point is convenient located, as ports are strategically placed throughout the assembly.

Modules can be modified to act as clear wells or pretreatment chambers for capturing trash, debris, and sediment. This consolidates maintenance requirements to a select few modules. Standard manholes, hinged manholes, and other access hatches are available.

Each Single UrbanPond Module is 8 ft wide by 8 ft long (O.D.) and easily fits onto a flatbed truck. This size maximizes the space on each truck load. A 10 ft. Double UrbanPond module (two pieces) weighs only 17,000 lbs total or only 8,500 lbs per piece. At least 4 individual pieces can be delivered on a single truckload to reduce shipping costs and minimize crane requirements during install. Most units can be installed using a simple backhoe due to low weights.