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Bio Clean has been supplying hydrodynamic separators for 20 years. Our devices are superior flow-through structures designed with ease of maintenance in mind and incorporate outstanding water processing controls and pollution mitigation to capture sediment, trash, and other pollutants of concern.

Separation Products

Debris Separating Baffle Box

The Debris Seprating Baffle Box (DSBB) is an advanced stromwater treatment system utilizing a non-clogging screen technology and hydrodyanamic separation to capture pollutants. The non-clogging screening system stores trash and debris in a dry state, suspended above the sedmentation chambers, minimizing nutrient leaching, bacterial growth, bad odors, and allows for easier maintenance.

Deflective Screening Device

The Deflective Screening Device is a highly effective screening hydrodynamic separator designed to meet trash full capture requirements along with providing efficient hydrodynamic separation.


SciCLONE™ is the first separator to offer efficient hydrodynamic separation. Its simple design allows for high TSS removal efficiencies. SciCLONE™ is the easiest separator to maintain in the industry.

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Since 1999, Bio Clean has been helping municipalities, engineers, developers, and contractors comply with constantly changing storm water regulations – we’ve completed 1000’s of installations nationwide. Our product line covers every category of stormwater solutions and our products lead in each area.

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