Modular Connector
Pipe Screen

The Modular Connector Pipe Screen technology can be retrofitted into any curb or drop inlet to help municipalities meet current stormwater regulations and comply with their NPDES or MS4 permit. MCPS devices can be used for new site developments as the first line of defense to prevent trash and debris from\ reaching downstream stormwater BMPs, where they can cause clogging and unnecessary maintenance burdens. Meets California’s Full Trash Capture requirements (5mm).


  • Meets 100% Full Capture Trash Requirement of the California State and Regional Water Boards
  • 100% Stainless steel construction utilizing only perforated metal construction
  • Modular design allows it to be adapted to any pipe size and quickly assembled inside the catch basin
  • Round design with cross supports withstands several hundred pounds of water pressure. For exceeding all other devices

System Operation

Maintenance & Installation


Maintenance The Modular Connector Pipe Screen makes any catch basin a full capture trash device. Maintenance of the catch basin can be performed using a standard vacuum truck or removed by hand. The center piece can be easily removed to allow for access to the outlet pipe for jetting and other activities.


The modular design of the system makes installation fast and easy. Rounded end pieces and center sections fit through any standard manhole. The system is assembled using self-tapping screws and concrete drive pins.