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Bio Clean has been maintaining, designing and building stormwater filtration systems for 20 years. Having maintenance insight has always helped us understand what designs and elements work and how to continually improve and create the most effective filtration systems & solutions.

Filtration Products

Kraken™ Filter

The Kraken™ Filter is a membrance filter cartridge system that allows for high flow rates and maximum surface area, while keeping maintenance costs extremely low. Each membrance filter cartridge is light weight, washable, reusable and more sustainable than typical granular filled media cartridges.

Water Polisher

The Bio Clean Water Polisher is an advanced stromwater treatment system utilizing an up flow media filter with built-in pre-treatment. This patented design provides double chambered sepration to remove large to fine sediments from stromwater runoff. This configuration prevents clogging challenges found in downward flow media filters.

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Since 1999, Bio Clean has been helping municipalities, engineers, developers, and contractors comply with constantly changing storm water regulations – we’ve completed 1000’s of installations nationwide. Our product line covers every category of stormwater solutions and our products lead in each area.

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