Curb Inlet Filter


Curb Inlet Filter is an insertable catch basin filter system designed to capture fine to coarse sediments, floatable trash, debris, & hydrocarbons conveyed in stormwater runoff. It is located below the manhole access point. The system is available in four different model types: Multi-Level Screening (MLS), the Kraken Type media filter, the Media Filter model (using various types of filter media material), and the Full Capture model which provides 100% removal of trash & debris.

BMPs Advantages

  • 8 Year Warranty
  • Works in Any Size Catch Basin
  • No Nets or Geofabrics
  • 15+ Year User Life
  • Meets LEED Requirements
  • Patented Shelf System
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Internal Bypass


The Curb Inlet Filter has been successfully used on numerous new construction and retrofit projects. The system’s superior durability and customization make it ideal for a wide range of stormwater applications:

  • Parking Lots
  • Roadways
  • Bioswale Bypass Structures

System Operation

The Bio Clean Curb Inlet Filter’s non-clogging filtration screens allow this device to meet “full trash cap­ture” requirements by removing 100% of trash & debris.

Curb Inlet Media Filter - Kraken Type Performance

Removal of Fine TSS 85%
Removal of Trash & Debris Meets Full Capture Requirements 100%
Removal of Dissolved Phosphorus 72%
Removal of Zinc 58%
Removal of Copper 52%
Removal of Lead 87%
Removal of Oils & Grease (motor oil) 95%
Removal of Fecal Coliform (bacteria) 60%

Curb Inlet Media Filter - Full Trash Capture Type Performance

Removal of Trash and Debris 100%

Curb Inlet Media Filter - Multi-Level Screening Type Performance

Removal of Sediments 80%
Removal of Trash 100%
Removal of Foliage 100%

Maintenance & Installation

Referred to as, “one of the easiest filters to clean”, the Bio Clean Curb Inlet Filter with Trough System makes maintenance quick and easy and it allows the basket to be positioned directly under the manhole for easy access.

Bio Clean Filter – Direct Hose Access
  • Cleaned without Catch Basin Entry
  • Cleaned Easily with Vac Truck
  • 15 Minute Service Time
OTHER Filters – NO Direct Hose Access
  • Cleaned without Catch Basin Entry
  • Cleaned Easily with Vac Truck
  • 15 Minute Service Time